Every board now comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Every board now comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#Paddle with the Newell Advantage, offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty for extended peace of mind, along with free shipping and 0% financing options.


Behind the scenes, we ensure the quality of our premium inflatable paddle boards, allowing our fellow paddlers to feel the moment when the soft rhythm of the water aligns with their minds.
Lady practicing yoga on a Newell paddleboard.
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Lady practicing yoga on a Newell paddleboard.


The Neweller Coolers

The Neweller Cooler® series, with its robust rotomolded construction and 2 inches of Permafrost™ polyurethane insulation, is expertly designed to keep ice frozen for up to 5 days. Perfect for fishing, camping, barbecuing, or simply chilling your beverages, these coolers are built to withstand any adventure. There’s no challenge too great for a Neweller Cooler®, making it an essential companion for a wide range of activities.

The Newell Dry Bags

The Newell Dry Bag series are designed to keep your gear dry during your adventures, such as SUP, canoeing, kayaking, camping, or hiking. This IPX6-rated, 100% waterproof fabric bag is ideal for quick and easy fastening at two points. Carry it over your shoulder with its strap or by hand.
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Newell Outdoors was established in 2020 to provide families and outdoor enthusiasts with a trustworthy means of passage on the water. As passionate outdoor enthusiasts, Chris and Kristine noticed a significant gap in the current inflatable paddle board industry, where options were either ultra-expensive for high-performance paddlers or poorly made boards that did not allow paddlers to perform at their best or last through more than one season of use. Since then, Newell has been dedicated to a journey of discovery, innovation, and adventure.

Paddleboarders are at the heart of our community. Over the years, the Newell family has grown bigger across the country, and thanks to our customers, they have been the biggest support in our journey to keep our community strong.

With a paddle in hand and adventure in our souls, we focus on creating innovative, purpose-driven, and trustworthy gear that can handle the rugged Canadian outdoors. #PaddleWithNewell