The Offspring (Kids)

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The Offspring

The Offspring sports a multi-colored palette adorned with a yellow EVA pad to keep the kids’ feet happy and firmly in place while learning to paddle.  The Offspring is our first kids paddle board and we know you will love it as much as our kids do.  Just the like 4 OH 3 paddle board, we designed this board while in Vancouver during a rainstorm (shocking right?), watching the raindrops hit the window and run down.  There were some Christmas lights in the background which made the drops look as though there were colorized.  We threw on some aqua-marine blue on the side rails of the board to symbolize the storm moving on and the skies clearing.  The Offspring looks amazing in person and will b e sure to light up any child’s face.  The Offspring is paired with our 4 OH 3 board – the adult version of this paddle board. 

As with all Newell Outdoor paddle boards, our boards come in one complete set that have everything you need to get out on the water and own the outdoors.  Our boards are well suited for lakes, rivers and even the ocean thanks to their best-in-class stability and speed; both well suited for the beginner to intermediate paddle boarders.  For those of you wanting to change things up a bit – don’t worry, we have you covered.  Each board ships with a kayak seat that easily attaches to convert your paddle board to a kayak.  Sweet right?  We thought so too.

Purpose built, functional and well thought out are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe our boards and we didn’t disappoint this year either!  We built on that.  Staying with our double-layered military grade PVC, we added a front carrying handle to the boards to make carrying them down to the water with your friend that much easier.  After all, what are friends for right?

This year, we totally re-designed our backpacks to make them way more functional, way more spacious and much more comfortable on your shoulders.  We also beefed up our center fin just a little bit more but not too much to take way from the amazing handling and stability characteristics you have come to love.

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?  The dimensions and weight capacity for this paddle board are:

Length: 8'

Width: 29"

Height: 5"

Weight Capacity: 150LBS