Ice Green Round Beads 3/4"

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Fire tables are cool in general.  What makes them cooler is adding a splash of color and bling to them.   These amazing Ice Green 3/4 Inch reflective round glass drops add a unique splash of brilliance to any fire table.  All Shipped in 10lb bags.  

  • GAS FIRE PITS AND FIREPLACES: Designed for Use in Propane and Natural Gas Indoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fire Bowls.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR: They will not discolor, melt or deteriorate, explode, make noises and they will not emit any smoke or odors.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY:  Premium Tempering process with consistent Jewel-Like color throughout, and Ensure Flawless Performance, and Dazzling Appearance.
  • ECO FRIENDLY AND LONG LASTING: Premium tempered fire glass can be used indoors or outdoors. Very safe and easy to install.