The Neweller Twelve in Green with a Handle

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What is worse than sand in your sandwich?  Warm drinks in your cooler. 

Problem solved - Meet the Neweller Twelve.

This gnarly 12 liter unit combines a cooler with a bucket to become the most useful cooler on the market. It can be used as a cooler for cans, bottles, snacks, fish bait, an equipment holder and even a seat to sit on if you need a rest. The Neweller Twelve is lightweight, easy to carry, extremely tough and can keep ice cold for all your adventures – for 5 days!!  That wasn’t a typo – it can keep ice frozen for 5 days!!

This is possible because of the high-pressure, commercial grade, polyurethane foam that is injected into the body and lid to ensure the highest quality of insulation possible.

The Neweller Twelve has a tough rubber seal that ensures an airtight seal to keep the drinks and food cold and with our unique hinge design, you wont need to worry about overextending the lid and snapping it from the body. As an added bonus, The Neweller Twelve has anti slip feet on the bottom to keep itself in place because no one likes a wandering cooler.  That’s just not cool.

The Neweller Twelve has 2 designs: either the non-slip strap or a stainless steel heavy duty carrying handle.  Both allow for supreme mobility and comfort while keeping the food and beverage cold while you are crushing it in the outdoors.