Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

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Inflatable Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding has become an increasingly popular water sport across Canada and Newell’s inflatable paddle boards can get YOU out on the water and adventuring this season. All of our hand-crafted inflatable stand up paddle boards come with: a removable centre fin, an adjustable single bladed paddle, a backpack/storage bag, a safety leash, a repair kit with a valve wrench, a dual action pump, and a kayak seat. Check out our selection of iSUP paddle boards, and find the iSUP that is right for you.


Find in Canada - Inflatable Paddle Board

When shopping for inflatable SUPs at Newell, you will find a curated selection of only the top quality inflatable stand up paddle boards. These inflatable SUPs are designed and built for rugged Canadian terrain, and are hand-crafted using military-grade, double-layer PVC. The durability and strength this provides ensures you can rely on your watercraft, even in the rockiest of conditions. making Newell the best option for SUP inflatables in Canada.


Newell Outdoor for Inflatable Paddle Boards

For blow up paddle boards, there is no doubt that Newell Outdoor is the preeminent option in Canada. A family owned-and-operated company operating out of Calgary Alberta, Newell offers free shipping on any purchase over $100, including all inflatable boards for stand up paddle activities. We stand by our products because you are standing on our products! Our two-year iSUP warranty covers any defects that affect the inflatable SUPs ability to hold air, like valves and seals. Accessories and the EVA grip pad have a one-year warranty to ensure you can enjoy your inflatable paddle board for years to come. Reach out to Newell Outdoor today, and go on an inflatable SUP adventure tomorrow.