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Choose the Best Beach Coolers on the Market

Beach coolers are a must when you head out on any great adventure; camping, boarding, surfing, road trips, day trips, or afternoons at the park. When it comes to small beach coolers and hard top coolers, Newell Outdoor has you covered. You will be sure to remain hydrated with all your favourite beverages and ready for action with one of our top-of-the-line beach coolers. For optimal days kayaking or paddleboarding or just relaxing at the beach, shop online at Newell Outdoor for the best hard coolers now.


A New Era of Beach Coolers

Newell beach coolers are the latest and greatest adventure companion. These hard top coolers boast 5 days of freezing time - that’s right, keep all of your beverages ice cold for 5 whole days! The commercial grade, high-pressure polyurethane foam that makes up the body and lid of these beach coolers ensures the best insulation possible. Depending on the model, features that make Newell the best hard coolers may include: a non-slip bottom, a drainage spout, divider baskets, an LED light or even a bottle opener. Explore each option of Newell and find the beach cooler ideal for you.


Newell Outdoors for Beach Coolers

So why buy your beach cooler from Newell Outdoor? For one, you will be supporting local business as we are a family owned and operated business working out of Calgary, Alberta. We pride ourselves on being Canadian and offer free shipping across Canada when you spend $100 or more on mini beach coolers, small beach coolers, hard top coolers and any other outdoor gear or equipment. At Newell Outdoor, we select and sell products specially designed for the rugged Canadian terrain, ensuring only beach coolers and other gear is up to the task. Order the best hard cooler today, and get adventuring tomorrow.